Saturday, June 27, 2020

100 days of epidemic control, and an OP leaves Parliament.

Sun June 28, 2020

Today is actually the 103rd day of the epidemic control imposition in the country, started on March 18. 

The figure of 4 deaths per 1 million population seems a good one compared to the rest of the world. 

The similiar figures for others are: USA 387, Brazil 269, India 12, Phillipines 11, Indonesia 10, Singapore 4, China 3, Thailand 0.8 and Vietnam n.a. 

But China, India, Indonesia, the Phillipines and Vietnam look suspiscious with their big populations. Thailand's under 1 is probably cooked. We know that the Indonesian authorities have given up on their controls with their uncontrollable population. Having been to India, I can't believe the figures given. But like Brazil, and even the US and Denmark, if they choose to not have accurate indicators, the epidemic is real and relentless, and the actual final toll would expose everything eventually.

The absolute figures are devastating as they are. Globally, there have been more than 10 million cases, with more than 500,000 deaths. I wonder how they compare with all the past wars of the world. And to see USA in chaos politically and administratively in the midst of a very real  and very deadly warfare with an invisible enemy, makes me wonder if maybe the Americans don't realize the extent of their foolhardiness.

This is the 7th. time I've touched on the epidemic in this blog. I hope I can use these notes when I look back at what happened in 2020, the year marked as the targeted emergence of this country as a developed nation. That we have not achieved that, is clear. That we may have regressed is probably also clear, in more ways than we care to acknowledge.

While we can laugh at the goings-on in USA, with the ludicrous White House in ridiclous comedy of errors, Putrajaya is not spared the melodrama of greedy politicians grabbing pieces of the state. Because that's what it is, the state going to pieces. Having avowed the end of avarice of the ousted old regime, the new leaders (there may be one Prime Minister, but definitely many hands are on his throat) have decided to make hay while the sun shine, and the ministries and the GLC's are fair game and literally up for grabs.

Meanwhile, I have missed 15 Friday prayers to date, and may miss a few more, looking at the SOP. Hank called Friday, asking for suggestions about our halted Friday congregation. So I told him to follow the SOP, or like me, wait for August when hopefully normalcy in our daily routine is restored. I think he followed my suggestion.

The OP at Parliament, Yang Arif Arif (The Honourable Arif lah), the Speaker, says Din Pagoh has told him to pack his bag. He's ready, he says. But his Deputy, unlike him, an elected Member of Parliament, has some fight left. He contends that only the House can remove a sitting Speaker and his Deputy.  Well, Monday August 13 looms large, especially that number "13". We'll know if the motion from PAS for a confidence vote for Din Pagoh wins, or Mahathir's motion of the opposite wins.  Or it might be just passing motion in public !  Unlucky 13.


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