Saturday, March 5, 2016

Second hole-in-one in 28 years.

I got my second hole-in-one in exactly 28 years, 4 months and 19 days of golfing on Tuesday, 1st of March  2016, at the Seremban International Golf Club.

This one was 18 years, 7 months and 9 days after the first hole-in-one at the a'Famosa Golf Club, Melaka, which was 9 years, 8 months and 10 days after I got my handicap on 12th. November, 1987, when I was 42 years,11 months and 7 days old. That means it took me twice as long to get my second one. On this basis, I should get my third one when I'm 101 years old. Wow !

The flight I was in is our regular Tuesday & Thursday foursome of Maulud Kahar, and the two former Appeals Court Judges - Dato' Azhar and Dato' Sulaiman. But we had missed the whole of the previous week because of other committments. My partnership with Maulud suffered a 2-ball loss for the first 9. And in spite of my hole-in-one contribution for the second 9, we lost 2 balls again.

The par 3 12th. hole at SIGC is probably the toughest  of all the par 3's at the club simply because at 205 meters it's the longest. Normally I'd used a driver on wet days, and a 3 wood when it's dry. But with the specially dry condition that day I decided to use my 5 wood. Many, many years ago I'd even used a 3 iron, but I was longer then. But I hit the ball square at the equator and the ball flew straight and sweet. I thought the ball should end up on the green pretty close. The moment it rolled on towards the pin I knew it was good, but I didn't expect it to hit the pin, which it did, and it disappeared ! I knew it went in, and shouted "hole in one ! hole in one !" Dato' Sulaiman was watching intently and saw the whole thing. When I picked the ball out of the hole with him close by, he said that was the first hole-in-one he'd actually witnessed, and admitted it was awesome.

I reminded everyone about the tradition, which all complied, and I went home with 3 dozen balls. I bought everyone a drink, but they declined food, and, as usual nobody was at the terrace, so that saved me some money, ha ha !

I called the insurance company, and collected the documents they want from the club. This Monday I'll go to their HQ and submit my claim for RM 1,000. Too bad I've been with this one from the beginning. The club's insurance pays RM 1,500.

2 hole-in-ones isn't too shabby. If only it was a competition with car on offer ! Sigh !