Friday, March 15, 2019

Losing values.

Fri March 15 2019.

My poor country seems to be getting sold down the drain, in as far as common sense and civil decorum go.

The Judicial arm of the government is supposed to be the bastion of justice, the last course of salvation for those seeking legal retribution in an unjust world.

The burgeoning bureaucracy Mahathir has talked of seems truly to enable the harbouring of little napoleons who are always up to their usual mischiefs.

How can you talk about meteing justice to the large general population when you can't do justice to your own tiny departmental one?

A transfer order is supposed to have considered all angles before the Big Boss puts his stamp on it.  How can the Big Boss be  sabotaged by the small boss who quietly issues his own internal order?

Then there is the question of a Sports Club EGM. This is not an instrument to be trifled with.

Seeking an EGM over the rights of members to their legal enjoyment is wasteful, when good sense should have prevailed.

The President is not only new to the Presidency, but is new to the Sport. Some naughty insiders must have influenced him. The activity of the Sports Club is around the socialising and sports of its members. Anything detracting from that should be rebuffed, pure and simple.  The sale and consumption of alcohol is subject to specific legal conditions in this country. The Club has been dealing with it from its inception. As long as the laws are not broken, an EGM is not required for that determination. In fact, an EGM might produce the worse effect of an creating an overblown cultural quarrel that was never there in the first place.

We are losing values.


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